SportsNation chats with Travelle Gaines


Welcome to SportsNation! On Friday, we’re going to talk speed and strength training when trainer Travelle Gaines stops by to chat.

Travelle has trained hundreds of professional athletes including: first round draft picks, NBA all stars, NFL Pro Bowlers and MVP’s. The Performance Gaines program has been featured on: ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports, and Sporting News Magazine, as well as several other national media outlets.

Gaines has worked with super star athletes like Reggie Bush, Chris Johnson, Brandon Roy, Bob Sanders and Matt Lienart. Performance Gaines’ NFL Combine training program has been recognized as one of four Tier A Training Programs in the country and has produced 100 top-10 finishers in seven different testing categories over the last three NFL Combines. Performance Gaines offers High School, College and private training programs, as well as NFL and NBA pre-draft training programs and an off-season NFL speed and strength program. The NFL off-season program is the most highly attended in the country every year.

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