Athletic Gaines Blog : What is Motivation


What is motivation? Motivation is what changes your behavior about something and It drives your actions to work hard at succeeding 

  • What or Who motivates you?
  • How does it impact your approach? Work Ethic….
  • How important is it to be motivated?

When is think of motivation my immediate thoughts are the why behind it. For me growing up and being around sports all the time that made me want to participate in those sports and either get a scholarship or become a pro. Not knowing any better, the reason why was because they made plenty of money. Motivation is the driving factor of success in sports and life, you can’t tell me that getting up at 5 am every single morning to train, eat, workout or go to class are things done leisurely. There must be something deep within that drives those acts and that I being motivated by something. Often I ask the kids that come in our Athletic Gaines facilities “What’s Your Why?” the responses vary but are very similar and all their reasons were stemmed from being motivated by something or someone. 

How important is motivation?

It is very important; it impacts your approach and essentially keeps you working towards something (if you stay motivated) or forces you to quit (if you lose your motivation). Staying motivated will always be challenging, remembering your why behind your actions and setting goals (short and long term) will keep you waking up at 5 am for workouts, staying late after practice to run more sprints, or doing more reps than required in the weight room.  Everyone is motivated but something but your reason of motivation is impactful to your approach (work ethic) to stay motivated.

 A few tips to find your motivation and stay motivated:

1. Think of something that you enjoy doing or do often. (Working, lifting weights, catching a football)
2. Think about the possibilities of becoming the best you can at it where it could lead you. (Making Varsity, getting a collegiate scholarship, making the pros)
3. Set goals to work on constantly working to reach those heights (Wake up at 5 am for workouts, doing 25 push-ups every night, run 10 sprints a day)


Once you find what really motivates you, think of what drives you to succeed and stay consistent and work hard until you ultimately become successful.

Darelle Noel – Performance Coach, Athletic Gaines